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We want to create a situation of competition on a day to day basis from which the coach will pick his team for every game. There is no such thing as a first eleven and substitutes if there is competition for places among a squad
Andoni Zubizarrreta reiterating  that the Brazilian’s arrival doesn’t mean there are any doubts concerning current right backs Montoya and Alves
This was the right time to sign him because of the possibilities we’ll have for signing players in the future. We looked at the option of loaning him out after we bought him but after checking with Luis Enrique we decided that the best place for him to adapt would be right here.
Andoni Zubizarreta
He moves up the field well and is good at picking out the right pass. He isn’t tall, but he jumps well and is good at defending high balls. He’ll increase the competition is this position and will give us more tactical options to play with
Andoni Zubizarreta

Anonymous asked:

You and Piqueque have to stop defending Busquets! He is a dirt player, he's shit and he doesn't deserve our love or respect. He's need to go!!! He's dirtying our name!! You 2 disgust me for defending a player dirty like ghim!!!!


he’s shit and he doesn’t deserve our love or respect. He’s need to go!!! He’s dirtying our name!!”

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